Your Turn

GENRE: Reality Game Show

English Title: Your Turn
Duration: 90′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Sıra Sende Kocacım

5 women and their husbands participate to the competition. Women compete every day, their husbands compete only on their own days.
In the competition, which is held every day in a couple’s house, the previously determined tasks are drawn by lottery by the pairs which compete as a team and are presented to them by the server. The tasks or assignments are requested to be completed until the end of the day. In addition to the husband’s struggle with the laundry, iron and kitchen during the day, at the same
Time we watch the code that the women make between them…
The situation in which the couple is in aims for the opponents to experience exciting moments with the stress of the flaws they will find. Because they have it ( competitors ) they will be watching and commenting on our couple from the monitor in a different place. This will both increase dynamism and pave the way for the points they will give in the evening to be shaped in their minds.
Until the end of the day, the man is at home trying to do some pretty tough tasks, while your server is with him, wiping the laundry dishes or wiping the glass. He cooks and prepares the table and waits for her wife after completing the stages.
A status assessment is made in the presence of 4 competing women and our server and the competing women who check the assignments given their scores begins to give. Finally, the sum of the points given out of 10 by the server and the competitors determines the first of the week…

Your Turn – TRAILER