Wounded Heart

GENRE: Love / Drama

English Title: Wounded Heart
Duration: 140′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Kalp Yarası

Ferit, Yaman and Hande are close friends from childhood and they live in Antakya. Ferit is a handsome and honest young man and son of one of the wealthiest families in town. Hande is the spoiled and selfish daughter of the family’s business partners’. Ferit and Hande are about to be married by their families’ inevitable desire. Their close friend, Yaman’s fatherworks as a hostler for Ferit’s family. Even though Ferit and Yaman grew up together, there is a hidden envy towards Ferit and, he is in love with Hande for years. Ferit and Hande will be married in three days. One day, hebusts Hande and Yaman kissing in the barn. With this shock Ferit leaves the town without noticing anyone. In the meantime, Hande goes full on with the wedding arrangements without knowing the groom has already left.