Wise Class

GENRE: Youth / Comedy / Family

English Title: Wise Class
Duration: 60′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Hayat Bilgisi

The humorous and genuine story of high-school students centered around an idealistic high school teacher called ‘Afet’ who lost her parents in a traffic accident and traveled around Anatolia with her brother Kerem. Teacher Afet, who lines up with creative education instead of a classical rote education, has experienced appointments, expulsions and even exiles for years. In these years, he left Tekin, his colleague andformer love, because he slapped his brother. Together with his brother Kerem, they come to a High Schoolin Istanbul which is their last place of exile after years. This appointment will be the beginning of a newlife for teacher Afet and the beginning of a long-term different “life education” for high school students…Many of the very famous actors of current TV series, which are popular around the world today, took part inthis successful family series years ago.