When We’re Home

GENRE: Comedy

English Title: When We’re Home
Duration: 22′
Episode: 147
Original Language: Ukrainian / Russian
Original Title: When We’re Home

Humorous outlook on the simple life situations and problems, known to every family.

The main characters of the series are 4 married couples.

Pasha and Katya are a young couple who have just started living together and is passing through the “getting used to each other” period.​

Andrei and Marina are older and have recently welcomed their firstborn. Now Marina has to look after two “children”, as her husband often gets into ridiculous situations due to his naivety.

Oleg and Nastya have been married for 20 years, but their passionate relationship has not lost its spark. Nastya is constantly focused on the matters of her husband’s fidelity, their relationship and preserving her natural beauty.​

Grigory and Nadezhda are an example of the active veterans of the family front. Over 40 years of living together, they have learned to instantly see through the tricks of their other half, though still allowing those to happen.