Under Your Skin

GENRE: Documentary

English Title: Under Your Skin
Duration: 70′
Episode: 1
Original Language: Ukranian
Original Title: Under Your Skin

Against the background of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, tattoos with Ukrainian symbols have become a stigma for which Ukrainians are prosecuted and can even be killed.

The story is shown is told through the eyes of Alina, a 21-year-old tattoo master from Kherson. When her hometown was occupied by Russian troops, the whole world watched how the citizens bravely resisted the invaders. With the growth of Ukrainian patriotism, Alina started having more work – the flow of people wishing to get a tattoo with Ukrainian symbols would not stop. But gradually, Alina’s work began to change…

Her previous clients started to come back with requests to cover up their Ukrainian tattoos. The patriotic images became a “stigma” by which the Russian invaders identified those who disagreed with their power. Repressions, searches, and inspections came to Kherson. Suddenly people started to disappear. Just because they identify themselves with their nation… even on their skin.