Troopers’ Brotherhood

GENRE: Crime Action

English Title: Troopers’ Brotherhood
Duration: 45′
Episode: 16
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Troopers’ Brotherhood

A group of paratroopers enters into the battle with militants who have taken refuge in a small village. The militants were destroyed, but Artur Glebov, one of the paratroopers, suddenly opens fire on civilians, accusing them of aiding the bandits. The paratroopers try to stop their comrade, but he resists and kills the platoon commander. The paratroopers are ordered to retreat, taking civilians with them; the commandment decided to launch a missile attack on the village. Glebov, who remained in the village, was declared dead.

A few years later, when all his comrades are already living different lives, he appears in the city and begins to take revenge. Glebov knows everything about his former fellow soldiers and involves them in a terrible and dangerous game. Those, who refuse to play by its rules, perish. To stop the madman, the former paratroopers will have to take up arms again and remember their brotherhood.​​​​​​​