Three Sisters

GENRE: Romantic / Drama

English Title: Three Sisters
Duration: 150′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Üç Kız Kardeş

An instant bestseller upon its release, penned by the acclaimed author İclal Aydın, Three Sisters is the adaptation of an heartfelt story. Once upon a time in a beautiful yet mysterious country, there lived sisters named Türkan (Özgü Kaya), Dönüş (Almila Ada), and Derya (Melisa Berberoğlu). As a close-knit family, they would dream of a bright future with their father Sadık (Reha Özcan) and mother Nesrin (İclal Aydın). Perhaps suchan upbringing, that was similar to a fairy tale on the pine scented streets of Ayvalık, had not prepared them for the grim reality of adulthood. Over time, the sisters discover that life and the choices that are accompanied by it are not as easy as they seem. Inconceivable secrets can be hidden even by those who are trusted the most and horrific illnesses can lead to the resurrection of the past, which eventually bring them to the question: Is there anything in the world that time cannot heal?