The Wish List

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: The Wish List
Duration: 45′
Episode: 4
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: The Wish List

Being 32 Masha Sinitsyna knew for sure that miracles do not happen. And if they happen, then just not with her. Masha worked as an ordinary manager in a travel agency and dutifully endured bullying and merciless exploitation from her tyrant boss, lived with her mother in a small apartment, and had absolutely no time for her personal life. But still, she secretly dreamed about how wonderful her life would be someday.

And then Masha fell hopelessly in love and at the same time found out about a serious illness, that was leaving her only six months to live. It was then that Masha decided not to waste her time on fighting what was killing her. No, she will simply live these six months as the happiest person: she wrote a list of her desires and got ready to fulfill them. But the Universe had its own plans.

The very first day of the “new life” gives Masha a chance meeting with her beloved and a chance for happiness. What is she destined for?​​​​​​​