The Redemption

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: The Redemption
Duration: 87′
Episode: 1
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: The Redemption

Polina, a young doctor, is in a hurry to ransom her gambler boyfriend from the hands of bandits and accidentally knocks down 10-year-old Semyon. She brings the boy to the hospital, but decides to surrender to the police later, when she gets Ruslan out of trouble. The friend persuades her not to do this, as the best atonement would be to put Semyon back on his feet. Andrey, the father of a crippled boy, falls in love with the attending physician, not suspecting that she is the cause of his son’s suffering.

Polina feels that with Andrei she would have a happy life.

Over time, it turns out that Ruslan actually planned his kidnapping in order to get money from the girl. Polina drives him away and decides to tell the truth to Andrey. But she runs out of time – from the investigator he learns about Polina’s fault in the accident and breaks off all relations with her. And only the son manages to persuade his father to forgive his beloved woman.​​​​​​​