The Prisoner

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: Prisoner
Duration: 45′
Episode: 8
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: Prisoner

Svetlana is a wonderful and talented microbiologist, married to the charming Alexei. But their family was shocked by misfortune – Svetlana had a miscarriage. After that, the woman left her job at the pharmaceutical company she had founded earlier and focused on health. And Alexei, the most responsible man on earth, according to Svetlana, took up the business management. However, the wife does not know her husband at all.. The truth is that Alexei will soon have a child from his young assistant. Also – he plays poker and wastes the money of the company. One day, having lost to the nines, Alexei puts his wife on the line, and loses again. His rival – a mysterious and frightening man from the past with traces of fire on his face – kidnaps Svetlana and is ready to keep her as his prisoner until Alexei pays out his debt. Svetlana finds herself locked in a guest house on the vast estate of her kidnapper, the widower Vadim. But it is not in her rules to give up – Svetlana decides to escape. Everything would have worked out, but when she heard child’s voice crying for help, she is forced to return to save Vadim’s, who fell into the lake. After that, everything changes: Svetlana and Vadim suddenly get closer, the children reach out to their guest. The tension between the characters creates only one question: why did Vadim kidnap Svetlana, and what does he have against her “holy” husband?