The Love Recipe

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: The Love Recipe
Duration: 45′
Episode: 4
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: The Love Recipe

Larisa and Anton are planning to get married. At first Larisa does not pay much importance to the fact that her fiancé is a descendant of a noble family. But when she meets her future father-in-law over Skype, she understands that it is important for Eduard that his son’s bride is also “blue-blooded”.

How to confess to a noble sir that her mother is a village woman, and her late father was a shepherd?

Unexpectedly for herself, Larisa decides… to embellish her family story a little bit: her mother turns into a noblewoman, her late father into an Admiral, and their house in the village becomes a family estate.

Eduard is so impressed that he decides to come from distant London to his historical homeland in order to personally get acquainted with future relatives. So the harmless lie turns into a real disaster. And Larisa comes up with a plan on how to stage things as she portrayed them. It should take only two days…​​​​​​​