The Hot Cop

GENRE: Action – Detective

English Title: The Hot Cop
Duration: 45′
Episode: 12
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: The Hot Cop

Max Gariachy is a self-assured cop who does not tolerate any control over himself and is used to acting forcefully and without unnecessary doubts in any situation. His wife Anna, a police psychologist, is the only person who can cope with Max’s hot temper. But she was killed in front of Gariachy’s view.

After the death of Max’s wife, he is forbidden to work independently and conduct the investigations alone. Ihor Soldatenko becomes his new partner. Ihor in work got used to being guided by an exceptionally balanced attitude, covering all procedures and formalities in investigations, and strictly following the law with respect to the civil rights of the suspects.

The partner becomes a pain in Max’s neck, but most importantly, a true friend and companion in all investigations for desperate and hot Max.

Investigating Anna’s death Max learns that his wife was hot just a psychologist, but a special undercover agent acting in their police department.