The Color Of Passion

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: The Color Of Passion
Duration: 45′
Episode: 48
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: The Color Of Passion

The main character of the series is 17-year-old Dasha. The girl’s birth has happened in the unusual circumstances and she grew up in the incomplete family: she has never seen her father, her mother drinks hopelessly and does not think at all about providing for her daughter. Therefore, the girl has to earn money herself by hard and low-paid labor. She already is registered in police’s division for underage criminals for working without a permit and can hardly find time to attend school. After another working day a coincidental accident will turn her life upside down – Dasha gets under investigation on a false charge of robbery and murder. All the evidence and eyewitness’ reports are against her, and the girl is facing many years of imprisonment. Because of the lack of money she cannot seek help from good lawyers. Her case falls into the hands of a young investigator Andrew Potapenko. He believes her and tries to help her. A spark runs between them. The only thing that stands in their way is Andrew’s engagement. The investigator has a fiancée, and under the pressure from her family, he refuses to handle Dasha’s case. The girl is imprisoned with no hope of the early release. She begins the stubborn struggle for the place under the sun and fair justice, in which Andrew will become her only ally and support.