The Cliff

GENRE: Action / Drama

English Title: The Cliff
Duration: 90′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Uçurum

After coming to Turkey with her sister Felicia with the hope of working as a nanny , Eva falls into the pimps’trap, manages to escape from being raped at the last minute and finds herself in Adem’s taxi. Unfortunately, her sister Felicia is not as lucky as her. Adem and Eva’s intersecting path will be on one hand the startingpoint of a big but troubled love and on the other hand a merciless and dangerous struggle against the crimegangs. After having done his military service, Adem returns home and starts working as a taxi driver with hisarmy friend Hasan. He works the night shift and falls into depression after witnessing the hitches in the nightlife of Istanbul. Eva who leads a poor life in Moldova with her sister Felicia hits the road to Istanbul alongwith her sister with great expectations to work and save some money