Sunshine Girls

GENRE: Romantic Comedy / Drama

English Title: Sunshine Girls
Duration: 120′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Güneşin Kızları

Güneş is a 35 year old woman who lives in Izmir with her three daughters. Her twins Nazlı and Selin who are17 year olds and Peri who is 15. She is a literature teacher whose husband left her. She meets Haluk Mertoğluand falls in love with him. She then decides to marry him, goes to İstanbul with her daughters and moves intoHaluk’s mansion. Selin is very happy with the move, and immediately tries to wiggle her way into the popularcrowd of kids. However, Nazlı initially refuses as she doesn’t trust Haluk and at first she doesn’t move to İstanbul with her family but later joins them for the sake of her mother. She meets Haluk’s nephew, Savaş whois very distant and suffering from a terrible trauma relating to his former dead girlfriend. Ali (Haluk’s son)is not happy to welcome the guests and he targets Selin as his new opponent. Ali had a rough childhood and was never loved by his father or mother.