Senior Investigator

GENRE: Melodrama – Detective

English Title: Senior Investigator
Duration: 45′
Episode: 16
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Senior Investigator

Olga Fedorishina is a strong woman and a talented investigator. After a brutal betrayal by her ex-husband, a woman moves to another city with her 17 y.o. daughter to start her life from scratch.

Olga could not stay without work for a long time, and a former classmate, Lieutenant Colonel Kagarlitsky, took an experienced employee to his staff. Olga immediately finds herself in the center of a high-profile investigation – a serial maniac is operating in the city and is hunting young girls. As an experienced investigator, using psychoanalysis, Olga helps to solve a complicated case, which deserves recognition from her superiors and attention from both colleagues and the criminal world.

After being appointed senior investigator, Olga not only continues to successfully conduct investigations, solving even unsolved cases, but is always at the epicenter of the intrigues at work, as well as very difficult personal relationships.