Secret Wars Uncovered

GENRE: Documentary

English Title: Secret Wars Uncovered
Duration: 44′
Original Language: English
Original Title: Secret Wars Uncovered

Secret Wars Uncovered series 2 exposes the covert operations behind some of the deadliest wars the world has ever seen. We reveal the CIA operations behind coups, the hair trigger friction between neighbouring nations, how using the guise of upholding democracy allows nations to assert power over others and the sinister back rooms of wars the TV cameras didn’t reach.

Through the use of powerful archive footage, engaging voice over, historical, military and covert operation expert opinions and newly declassified documents, we pull back the curtain on secret missions and ask the difficult questions; why are western governments interfering in domestic policy of other nations? How far are individuals in positions of power willing to ignore their moral compass for political gain? And have the failures of clandestine operations created long lasting problems for the world’s future?

Secret Wars Uncovered Series 2 exposes the truth behind proxy wars, military coups and reveals just how close we have come to all out nuclear war.

Secret Wars Uncovered – TRAILER