Sealed Invasion 2 – Forbidden Wedding

GENRE: Horror – Thriller

English Title: Sealed Invasion 2 – Forbidden Wedding
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Mühr-ü Musallat 2: Yasak Düğün

Nilgün and Ercan, who want to get married, try to persuade their families who oppose it. After long efforts, they persuaded and got married. The unprovoked mishaps that begin on the morning of the wedding never end. Trying every way to save their children from this vicious circle, Nilgün’s family finds themselves on a mystical and dangerous journey of discovery with bloody consequences. Nilgün’s grandmother, Cennet, who has a partial knowledge of such spiritual matters, suggests asking someone known as the ‘Blind Hodja’ for help. Nilgün and her mother, who decided to try this idea, which they found quite illogical when they first heard, because there was no other way over time, visit the Blind Hodja for their last resort and everything gets more complicated.

Sealed Invasion 2 – Forbidden Wedding – TRAILER