GENRE: Factual

English Title: Revival
Duration: 45′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Yeniden

There are objects and machines used by people for an extended period. As technology advances, particular items and tools become cumbersome, obsolete, ruined, some parts get lost or no longer function and fade out of our lives. Some people keep such items, even when broken, instead of disposing.

And we are going to cover the process of recovering of all kinds of products they got used to in the past but now discarded reluctantly.

The main distinguishing aspect from other renovation and makeover shows is that this show focuses on products that have a story behind, rather than just substantial value.

Imagine such a show that…

Takes old stuff and breathes new life into such, like a scrap dealer, but not quite ……

So much so that…incorporates a confrontation….

Revival – TRAILER