Postmortem Evidence

GENRE: Detective

English Title: Postmortem Evidence
Duration: 45′
Episode: 60
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Postmortem Evidence

In the center of the plot we have a detective bureau that perfectly solves the most complex crimes. For each case, the best detectives and forensic experts are taken, whose keen sense and experience allows them to find all the evidence, even when they are hidden deeply in the body of the victim, and catch the criminal. If there is a corpse, then an autopsy will show who is involved in the crime.

The bureau has a new forensic expert, Yana Gonchar, who took a job instead of her predecessor, Inga Vilkas, who suddenly went missing. The help of a new colleague is very useful for the judicious head of the department Oleg Anatolyevich and his fighters.

A detective and a medical examiner can handle anything, but there is one caveat – it is not easy for them to find a common language. After all, the new colleague is his ex-wife.