Pine Forest Retreat

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: Pine Forest Retreat
Duration: 47′
Episode: 4
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Pine Forest Retreat

Alla and Olia are different, but they were close friends in their student years, and both fell in love with professor of Slavic philology. Valeriy chose tender and delicate Olia. For some time, they were together, but Olia broke off the relationship one day without any explanation. After the break up Valeriy got married to Alla,

Now, each heroine has her own life. Olia works as a teacher in primary school and has a seven-year-old son., She is married to Pasha who is a simple labourer. Pasha has a serious heart disease which is the reason why Olia spends all her savings on having a retreat in a forest resort, where the man can relax and recover from the hospital.

Alla hates the idea to run away from civilization. She would prefer to go somewhere on the islands. But Valeriy insists on spending the vacation away from the crowded city, he is going to work on his dissertation.

What will happen when Olia and Valeriy meet each other after all years passed?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​