GENRE: Comedy

English Title: Papas
Duration: 45′
Episode: 64
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Papas

An exciting story about three friends who, in addition to traditional male interests, are all united by an important topic – parenthood. To get ready for your wife’s labor. To prepare three kids for school. To play console all night long. We present you one of the most difficult professions in the world – a father.​

The heroes of our story are at the different stages of the paternal hierarchy, and each of them is experiencing fatherhood in his own way.

Egor, prolongates his own childhood with the help of his son, having fun to the fullest. Zhenya is an “ideal dad” with a scientific approach to raising children. Suffering in his childhood from the authoritarian mother, the hero is basing relationships with his three children on trust and openness. And Nikita is just getting ready to become a father, and is tormented by self-doubt. His wife’s endless pregnancy whims only exacerbate the situation, often leading to humorous situations.