My Man, My Woman

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: My Man, My Woman
Duration: 47′
Episode: 12
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: My Man, My Woman

Pasha and Vira have already been married for 10 years. They have a son and a total harmony in their family relationships.

Karyna and Serhiy have been dating for more than two years, but Karyna still hasn’t got the proposal she fancies about.

Oleh and Tania wait for the birth of their first child. They are very excited because after years of efforts they’ve got their last chance.

But a tragic events unexpectedly change the lives of each of the characters.

Pasha causes Serhiy’s house to burn out, and Serhii himself is seriously injured.

To pay off the debt and save her husband from prison, Pasha’s wife Vira becomes a surrogate mother for the childless Oleg and Tatiana, whose last pregnancy was once again terminated by a miscarriage. After giving birth to a baby and giving it away with a pain in her heart, Vira learns that Tatiana has died… Oleg begs Vira to become her daughter’s nanny and move in with him for a while. Soon Vira realizes that her employer has feelings for her…​​​​​​​