Mother’s Choice

GENRE: Drama

English Title: Mother’s Choice
Duration: 45′
Episode: 16
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Mother’s Choice

What is the essence of motherhood? Is it just about giving a birth to a child or something much bigger and important? This is a story of desperate escape and dangerous struggle for the right to be called mother and daughter.

Due to circumstances, Elena has to work at local school as a teacher. At first day at work little talented girl Inna, avoided by peers because of her unkempt appearance, attracts Elena’s attention. Soon Elena finds out that Inna’s mom and her live-in lover don’t look after the child and cruelly abuse her. Teacher, at one blow, appeals to police and competent authorities, but intimidated child refuses to tell about the real reasons of bruises and abrasions on her body. The situation becomes even more complicated as Inna’s violent stepfather turns out to be a police officer, respected person in the city with influential connections.

Despite everything, a decisive woman continues her struggle for the child’s rights, especially, that she begins to feel affection and some kind of parental love towards sweet and kind girl. And the girl, feeling the real love and care for the first time in her life, begins to trust and reveals her feelings to Elena.

After another cruel beating by her stepfather, the girl comes to Elena in tears with a please to save her. At this moment woman decides to commit a desperate act – they fake Inna’s death and leave the town without even knowing how complicated and unpredictable their path to the happiness would be.

Mother’s Choice – TRAILER