GENRE: War Drama

English Title: Mother
Duration: 45′
Episode: 8
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: Mama

Every hero who defends Ukraine in the war has a mother.

Season 1:

The touching story tells about Nina, originally from Zhytomyr, who has let her only son go to war in the East of Ukraine. Despite all the hardships of life, she still tries to live on for the sake of her family. Soon the woman learns that her son, volunteer Vasily Shvidchenko, was taken prisoner in the occupied territory of Donbas. The main character is forced to go in search of her own child, right in the enemy’s network. There will be disappointment, fear and despair along the way. More than once she will hear many caustic condemnations from the people, surrounding her. But will they break a woman’s hope for a long-awaited meeting with a child with whom she has lost touch? And will the mother manage to free her son?

Season 2:

Never before has Nina Shvidchenko been so close and, at the same time, so far away from her son. She learns that her son is alive and again goes to the occupied territory in search. But she finds him in an extremely serious condition, and in order to transport him, it is necessary to perform an expensive and complicated operation. Militants will also stand in the way of Nina Shvidchenko, but there are no barriers for a mother who wants to save her child.

*The series is based on real events.

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