GENRE: Comedy

English Title: Medschool
Duration: 26′
Episode: 24
Original Language: Ukrainan
Original Title: Medschool

A story about young people who decided to devote their lives to medicine. The third year of the Medical Faculty is not limited to lectures, study and practice. It also involves new friends, new emotions, independent life without parental care, young love and much more. And for many, this is also an “unforgettable” time in the dormitory of a medical university, the specifics of which leave an imprint on everyone who studies and teaches in it.

Shared kitchen, shared bathroom, common holidays and problems, but completely different interests and characters, all-together will inevitably lead to conflicts and comic situations.​

And yet, the main character of the sitcom is the faculty itself. Because the people who are here study and mess around, fall in love and break up, quarrel and make up, come and go, but the medical faculty remains. And everyone, who has experienced it, will never be the same again.​