Meant To Be

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

English Title: Meant to Be
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Nasipse Olur

Günfer, who has big dreams in his small town, sees his life turned upside down by a series of disasters. He loses his father, whom he calls his hero, to cancer. Before he can recover from the shock of this sudden death, mafia members target the family’s bakery, a legacy from his father, due to his uncle’s gambling debt. As if all this wasn’t enough, the final straw comes when Yaşar, whom he had dreamed of marrying, deceives him. They say, ‘Stubbornness begins where hope ends in Boyabat.’ Günfer, with big hopes in his small world, starts fighting to overcome every disaster, saying ‘If it’s meant to be.’ Gökhan, who witnesses all the disasters that befall Günfer by chance, always comes to his rescue like a savior.

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