Madonna: Life Goes On

GENRE: Documentary

English Title: Madonna: Life Goes On
Duration: 20′
Episode: 2
Original Language: Ukranian
Original Title: Madonna: Life Goes On

Three dramatic stories with a hopeful ending, about becoming and being a mother during the war.

Giving birth is one of the most responsible and important processes for each woman, who starts planning it right after receiving a positive pregnancy test: choose a doctor, or maternity hospital, buy the smallest size baby rompers with lovely patchwork, and literally arrange a “nest” at home for a new member of the family.

Our heroines were in the same preparation process. They already had everything planned and just were waiting for the scheduled birth date, but 24th of February everything changed. War that Russia started against Ukraine brought changes into the life of every Ukrainian and changed it forever.

But new life can’t be stopped even by evil will.