Life Without Faith

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: Life Without Faith
Duration: 45′
Episode: 8
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Life Without Faith

What secret is hidden by 35 y.o. beautiful and modern teacher Vera? Why does she not accept the courtship of men, why did she push all her friends away? Her life is a life without love and faith, because she is punishing herself.

In her youth, Vera had everything for happiness – her first love with her classmate Misha, an unexpected but happy pregnancy. Everything collapsed when her mother fell ill – huge amounts of money were needed for the treatment. And the child was born prematurely, he had only a few days to live. How to save two dearest people from death? In the delirium of resuscitation, Vera sacrifices her motherhood, letting another family save her doomed newborn boy. Vera sees how a handsome man takes away her child from the hospital.

All 17 years, Vera has been trying to find her son. Until one day she meets that man from the maternity hospital – businessman Vadim, the father of her student Igor. Is this young man really her son?​​​​​​​