Leshy’s Trick

GENRE: Action detective

English Title: Leshy’s Trick
Duration: 47′
Episode: 4
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: Leshy’s Trick

Three friends, ex-special forces, Leshyi, Voron (Raven), and Cadet are sent into the thick of the Carpathian forests to deliver a secret cargo across the Romanian border. They have 3 days to deliver a massive box along a secret route – this is the condition of the local crime boss Gamula, who took hostage the wife and daughter of one of the main characters. By chance a young girl Elya, followed by two men, joins them in the forest. As it turned out, the new acquaintance is also hiding something secret. The heroes do not know from whom the girl ran away and what she hides. But in order to maintain secrecy and not to reveal themselves they are forced to take the girl with them. Wandering through the thicket the guys will have to shoot back from the thugs trying to intercept the, as well as from unknown pursuers who are searching for Elya. Friends have to try to survive in order to deliver a valuable cargo and save the Leshyi’s family.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​