Kyiv Day & Night

GENRE: Seriality

English Title: Kyiv Day & Night
Duration: 45′
Episode: 264
Original Language: Russian / Ukrainian
Original Title: Kyiv Day & Night

“Kyiv Day and Night” is a fascinating story about young people who came to seek their happiness in a big city. They all live in a stylish apartment – an atmospheric youth space.

On the way to their dream, the heroes face difficulties: betrayal of their friends and loved ones, lack of money, humiliation and set-ups at work, the risk of losing a roof over their heads, problems with the law and, of course, the temptations of the capital – noisy parties, easy money, relationships without obligations. But despite all the difficulties, they appreciate the beauty of the moment, love life, live in a high and breathe deeply.

This is a new time that dictates new rules of the game. The time when it is important to have your people nearby. Each season is both new storylines and the development of events from previous seasons.