I’ve Been Longing For You

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: I’ve Been Longing For You
Duration: 45′
Episode: 20
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: I’ve Been Longing For You

Zhanna and Roman have been together since childhood. Their friendship grew into true love. It would seem that no one can separate these two. But it only seemed so. An obstacle to their happiness was Zhanna’s father, the corrupt police major Valery Solovyov, who did not want to be related to the “insignificant beggar”. Upon learning that, contrary to his ban, the couple got married, the enraged Solovyov decides to punish both. His son-in-law is to be framed and imprisoned for the murder of Valery’s mistress, and his daughter is to be married to crime boss Slava Karpov. Pregnant from Roman, Zhanna agrees to marry the barren Karpov and play the role of a faithful wife with the only condition – if he provides Roman with “personal protection” for the entire time of his imprisonment. Struck by the betrayal of his beloved, Roman rashly marries Tatyana, who supported him in prison.

Time passes and lovers meet again…​​​​​​​