GENRE: Psychological Detective

English Title: Irredeemables
Duration: 45′
Episode: 16
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Irredeemables

Police Colonel Stadnik creates a department to investigate the most complex crimes. His new team unites those who once fell into the millstones of the punitive machine and are now serving their sentences. After all, who can solve a crime better than a former criminal?

The department of the “incorrigible” is headed by the sarcastic and tough Egor Polyakov, a former special forces soldier who was “written off” by the secret service for robbing a bank. Investigator Olga Sitnitskaya went to jail for the murder of a sadistic maniac. And a specialist in external manifestations, Maxim Luzhin, a unique expert of his kind who is able to determine the characteristics of a person’s character and habits by his anthropological and physiognomic features, was condemned by the efforts of an influential corrupt official. Together they are the most effective team of detectives, who can handle even the most perfect crimes.​