Inside The Viper’s Nest

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: Inside The Viper’s Nest
Duration: 45′
Episode: 8
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Inside The Viper’s Nest

At the age of 17, the beautiful and fragile Martha met the king of the underworld, Nikolai Semiryadchenko. He was much older, but this did not become an obstacle for two hearts. Marta and Nikolai fell in love with each other. The happiness of the lovers did not last long: Nikolai ended up behind bars, Marta died immediately after giving birth. But this love had a continuation – their daughter Eva.

To save his daughter’s life, Nikolai Semiryadchenko hides her from everyone for many years. The girl ended up in a “family”, which turned out to be in fact a gang of thieves. And until turning 16, Eva grew up and lived according to the laws of the wolf pack, until fate intervened and unveiled the will, according to which Nikolai Semiryadchenko left everything to his daughter.

Eva is being hunted. Chase, life in fear, deprivation, sister’s betrayal, meeting with her first love… What else will young Eva have to go through to find a home, family and love?​​​​​​​