In Embrace Of A Lie

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: In Embrace Of A Lie
Duration: 45′
Episode: 8
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: In Embrace Of A Lie

20 years ago a fatal misunderstanding separated Nana and Timur. She married his friend, the son of the prosecutor, Andrey, and became a doctor. Timur was left alone and built a career in another city, until one day fate brought them together. Now Timur is a deputy of the regional prosecutor, Nana’s husband. And he does not hide the fact that she remains the love of his life.

Nana cannot respond to Timur’s feelings, not only because she is married, although she is suffocating in a golden cage. She is tied to Andrei by a terrible secret of the past: she blames herself for the death of a young mother Vera, whose child she and her husband adopted. She is afraid that her daughter will find out the truth: Nana is not her mother, but the murderer of her own mother.

Behind the mask of a perfect wife, Timur sees that his beloved is unhappy, and helps her uncover the truth of the past, punish the true culprit and bring her back to life with his love.​​​​​​​