Gonul’s Love Letter

GENRE: Drama – Romance

English Title: Gonul’s Love Letter
Duration: 129′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Aşkın Gönül Yazısı

‘Gonul’s Love Letter’ is about the life of a couple who starts to have problems in their relationship when secrets are revealed… A young man, Tunç comes to his country from the Netherlands and goes to his brother Necmi, whom he has known since childhood. While Tunç and Necmi were sitting and talking about old times, Necmi, meets Gonul, who works there. Tunç, who likes and approaches Gonul, firts gets a negative reaction from the young woman. However, as time passes, Gonul, who believes in Tunç’s love, responds him. Everything goes well at first, but as the secrets that Tunç hid from Gonul are revealed, things change.

Gonul’s Love Letter – TRAILER