GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: Girls
Duration: 45′
Episode: 4
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: Girls

Vika, Inna and Katya are best friends. Each of them has its own difficult story, and the girls are very different. They are all around forty years old and are facing real challenges in their personal life.

Vika owns a small coffee shop in a new building. She was able not only to raise her daughter without anyone’s help, but also to build her own small business on her own. But now the daughter is getting married and is leaving the nest.

Katya is a successful realtor who loves to flirt with men. She is raising her son Misha. And the boy really lacks his father’s love.

Inna considered herself a deeply married woman and devoted herself entirely to her husband, until one “lovely” day he brought home divorce papers.

But the girlfriends do not let despair get them and decide to have fun – to register in the dating application. And from that moment on, real adventures start happening in their lives.