Family Issues

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: Family Issues
Duration: 23′
Episode: 36
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Family Issues

Igor and Natalya, having been married for 17 years, decide to get a divorce.

And the next day, Natalia finds out that she is pregnant from her ex-husband. But the life has another surprise – their 16-year-old daughter, bright and pretty Kristina, also announces her pregnancy… from the main hooligan of the gymnasium, with whom Natalya, as the headmistress, already has a lot of troubles.

It would seem that the story is dramatic (divorce, early pregnancy, conflict between fathers and children). But as they say, if you can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards it. And the characters decide to take a positive approach: warm atmosphere, good humor, spontaneity and sincerity of the characters will not leave anyone indifferent, and will help Igor, the father of the family, endure two pregnant women and withstand dozens of comic situations related to the usual life and the uncertain status of the ex-spouses.​​​​​​​