Early Birds

GENRE: Drama

English Title: Early Birds
Duration: 45′
Episode: 16
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: Early Birds

At the beginning of the school year, eleventh grader Pauline throws herself from the roof. Young girl, honor of the entire school, even doesn’t leave a suicide note.

Detective Olga Makarova tries her best to find out the reason of Pauline’s death. Starting the investigation, Makarova doesn’t even suspect that her son Fedya – a handsome swimmer and a classmate of the deceased girl – was on the same roof. Blogger-trouble maker Nikita and Kate, a new girl in the class from the deaf and dumb family, were there together with him.

All teenagers come to the rooftop because of a FRIEND – anonym from online chat. The FRIEND tries to induce Fedya and Kate to suicide and Nikita just wants to shoot a scandalous blog. Teenagers witness Pauline’s suicide and run away in fear.

Early Birds – TRAILER