GENRE: Action adventures

English Title: Diamond
Duration: 45′
Episode: 6
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Diamond

The brilliant scientist and noble swindler Ilyn secretly returns to his hometown after 20 years to take revenge on the impostor who appropriated his unique invention – the largest artificially grown diamond.

Baas who has become rich at the expense of Ilyn, is not only going to run for mayor of the city but also plans to put up a rare diamond for auction, without having figured out the most complex formula of the mineral. Taking advantage of this, Ilyn, with a small team of loyal people, is going to pull off the greatest “scam for the sake of justice”, stealing the diamond from under Baas’s nose and exposing Baas himself.

The perfectly thought-out plan of the operation comes apart at the seams when an unexpected competitor appears on the path of the heroes in the person of professional swindler Eva.