GENRE: Sketch Comedy

English Title: Connected
Duration: 24′
Episode: 20
Original Language: Ukrainan
Original Title: Connected

These comedy series are a perfect combination of humor and heartwarming storytelling, as we dive into the experiences of regular Ukrainians adapting to new lives and domestic routines.

With over 12 million people, mainly women and children, forced to relocate due to the invasion, thousands of families have been torn apart. But distance can’t keep our people from staying in touch with their loved ones.

Get ready to witness the power of love and connection in our new show “Connected”. With the help of video chats, our families get together in cooking, fixing home applies, sharing their everyday lives, dreaming, arguing, and even planning childbirth together.

By offering a positive and uplifting atmosphere, “Connected” serves as a source of inspiration and optimism for our viewers, reminding them that love and support can endure even during the toughest of times.