Cherry Season

GENRE: Love / Romantic Comedy

English Title: Cherry Season
Duration: 120′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Kiraz Mevsimi

Oyku (Ozge Gurel) is a young girl who has a modest life with her mother and little brother. She is a promising fashion designer who goes to university.Oyku has been in love with Mete (Daghan Gulegec) from her childhood. Oyku never finds courage to disclose her feelings and keeps her love secret from Mete who is not aware of her existence.Ayaz (Serkan Cayoglu), on the other hand, is a successful architect who works together with Mete. He isyoung, rich, handsome, arrogant, and womanizer.Ayaz never goes out with the same woman twice. Ayaz isalso the son of the very famous fashion designer whom Oyku dreams to work for. Out of pure coincidence,Oyku and Ayaz bump into each other. They try to get in the same taxi but because of their stubbornness, neither of them gets in the taxi