Catch Kaidash

GENRE: Dramedy

English Title: Catch Kaidash
Duration: 45′
Episode: 12
Original Language: Ukrainian
Original Title: Catch Kaidash

The events unfold in a remote Ukrainian village where the Kaidash family lives, led by the father of the family, Omelko Kaidash. His wife Marusya is concerned about the future of their two adult sons, who are looking for suitable brides. The story begins with Lavrin, the youngest son of Kaidash, returning from the army. He missed the club, dancing and girls, so he walks recklessly. And Karpo, the eldest son, has already laid eyes on Motrya, the girl with the most turbulent character in the village. Soon both sons get married and bring young wives to their father’s house: Karpo – the obstinate Motrya, and Lavrin – a very young and naive Melashka. From that moment on, difficult times begin for the Kaidash family. Three women in the house argue, swear and fight. No one can give in and remain silent, no one can forgive. Involuntarily, men are also getting drawn into this conflict.