GENRE: Action detective

English Title: Bruce
Duration: 45′
Episode: 4
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: Bruce

The quiet life of the former special forces officer Alexander Brucevsky, aka Bruce, collapses when his son gets kidnapped together with the son of a millionaire. Bruce does not trust the police and begins his own investigation, being helped by father of the other boy, a rich businessman Viktor Nedelin, and charming con-artist Olga. Having three days to save the children they almost succeed, but the situation gets complicated.

The boys are intercepted by even more dangerous bandits, and now paying the ransom is not enough. Knowing that Bruce will do anything for the sake of his son, they demand he breaks the gun baron out of a secret prison. To succeed in this mission Bruce will have to become the outlaw, risk the life of his beloved woman and do the impossible. ​​​​​​​