Behind The Silence

GENRE: Documentary

English Title: Behind The Silence
Duration: 57′
Episode: 1
Original Language: Ukranian
Original Title: Behind The Silence

According to the World Health Organization, every third woman in the world experiences violence during her lifetime.

“I’m sorry that I call you in a wartime, but I need help,” — from these words often start calls to the hotline or to support services for survivors of domestic violence In Ukraine, from the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Some are afraid or ashamed to turn to specialists, some believe that his or her problems during the war are not so significant. But domestic violence can hurt no less than war.

How did gender-based and domestic violence change during the war?

How do specialists cope with the new challenge of helping survivors of war-related violence, particularly sexual?

“Behind the Silence” is a story of solidarity during times of crisis. It portrays the unwavering support. It is a story of how, even after experiencing the most horrifying situations, people can start a new life and heal when there is support nearby.