A Season of Daphne

GENRE: Drama

English Title: A Season of Daphne
Duration: 91′
Original Language: Turkish
Original Title: Defne’nin Bir Mevsimi

In a turbulent summer season in Turkey, near Antakya, in a town close to the Syrian border, the story unfolds with Defne and Leyla awaiting their university exam results. Leyla’s brother, Ferhat, who works as a künefe vendor, is in search of a visa for Arabia. Ferhat is in love with Defne, while still believing that he has a planned meeting on the 14th of July Independence Day with his childhood love, Miryam, who is heading to Israel. However, everything is about to change in that summer season. Ferhat’s older brother, Şefik, who works as a bus assistant, dies in Syria. Their father loses his sanity, and their other brother, studying in Istanbul, comes home and is also drawn to Defne. But it doesn’t end there. Towards the end of summer, Defne and Leyla will be chased through the old streets of Antakya because of Sabahattin, who has an interest in Leyla, and they won’t be as fortunate as Sabahattin. On the night connecting September 11th and 12th, while Sabahattin escapes to Syria in a fishing boat, Ferhat, unaware of what has transpired, sets off for Ankara to obtain his visa.

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