A House Near the Sea for Hire

GENRE: Comedy

English Title: A House Near the Sea for Hire
Duration: 45′
Episode: 20
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: A House Near the Sea for Hire

Anyone who has ever been to a resort town is familiar with the concept of the “private sector”: houses where one can rent a small inexpensive room to enjoy the Black Sea coast pleasantries.​

Zhanna owns such house, and for her the vacation season is the only opportunity to earn money for the whole upcoming year. And everything could have worked out just fine, if it wasn’t for her family.

Zhanna has a large family: two sons, a daughter and a husband. In addition, her elderly mother Sima comes to visit very inappropriately, feigning poor health in her own interests. And also after the collapse of his unsuccessful relationship, her ex-husband has come back to stay. And all as one are focused exclusively on their own problems, which, oddly enough, Zhanna also has to resolve.​

This series will tell about a resilient woman from Odessa who is forced to be the one in charge not only of her family, but also of the full vacation season.