A House For Happiness

GENRE: Comedy

English Title: A House For Happiness
Duration: 26′
Episode: 112
Original Language: Ukrainian / Russian
Original Title: A House For Happiness

Since his childhood, successful bank manager Maxim dreams about living in the village, where he used to spend every summer in his cozy grandmother’s house. Due to the circumstances, Maxim decides to leave the settled and comfortable life of the capitalcity, and persuades his beautiful wife Masha to move to the village for farming. To breed ostriches, saying more precisely. If cheerful Max is optimistic and confident in success of this adventure, for a tender city-girl Masha this becomes a real challenge.

So, each character has its own task – Masha wants to return back to the civilized life, but Max tries to persuade his wife to give him a chance to prove the potential of his incredible idea. This battle will be smart and insidious. It will be possible to win with the help of Love… and new neighbours, Vasylii and Liuba.

A House For Happiness – TRAILER