A Date For My Beloved

GENRE: Melodrama

English Title: A Date For My Beloved
Duration: 45′
Episode: 4
Original Language: Russian
Original Title: A Date For My Beloved

Nadya is a young talented confectioner, to whom even the newlyweds from other cities come for wedding cakes. And Nadia also has another unusual talent – to bring lonely hearts together.

Nadya is ready to use her talent as a “matchmaker” to help the new factory employee, Viktor. Despite his skepticism, Nadia gets down to business, pledging to find the girl of his dreams as soon as possible. Moreover, Nadia is sure that Victor already has a wonderful couple – her friend Lena, who is stuck in a hopeless relationship with a married man.​

On behalf of Lena, Nadya starts a correspondence with Victor. And soon, imperceptibly for herself, she reveals herself to Victor, all her experiences and values, completely forgetting that she “represents the interests” of Lena in this correspondence.​

Victor confesses to Nadia that he fell in love with a girl in correspondence. But what should Nadya do when her grateful friend returns?​​​​​​​