THE FORMAT TV exemplifies a true boutique ethos, prioritizing specialized and individualized solutions for every client on a global spectrum.

Serving as a distinguished independent content distributor, we curate and offer an array of acclaimed movies, innovative unscripted formats, series, and scripts to esteemed production companies, broadcasters, and platforms worldwide.

If you aspire to elevate your local content to international audiences, leverage our comprehensive sectoral network and extensive media expertise.

Collaborate with THE FORMAT TV to strategically position your content in the global market.


Comprising a team of dedicated, creative, and integrity-driven media professionals, we bring years of industry expertise to provide you with transparent, tailored, and premium services tailored to your objectives.

Our collaborations span a diverse spectrum, partnering with both local and international creators, producers, scriptwriters, and an array of linear and digital platforms. We specialize in curating both scripted and unscripted content, ensuring the highest standards in every project.


Distribution involves delivering content for audiences across the globe. This encompasses a range of mediums including theatrical releases, TV broadcasts, streaming platforms, and an ever-evolving array of technological avenues.

At THE FORMAT TV, our objective is to amplify our partners’ global presence. Drawing upon decades of multifaceted media experience, we understand the value of a robust global reach: it paves the way for greater visibility, increased revenue, and unparalleled success.


Founded on principles of unfettered creativity, collaborative entrepreneurship, shared commercial objectives, and diverse business models, THE FORMAT TV represents a synthesis of innovation and strategy.

Inaugurated in 2022 and overseen by UDEA MEDIA, our ethos blends an enthusiastic spirit reminiscent of passionate amateurs with the precision of a professional outlook, all underpinned by extensive global experience.